Getting her ready for the chinch.
Working from the fence to
prepare for her first ride.
Follow that feel!
Getting Opal to accept the
rope on the first ride.
Finding her feet over the trotting poles.
Ending day one nice and quiet.
Preparing for the log drag.
Opal running the course like a
Getting accustom to the swinging
of the rope.
Move those hide quarters.
Walking the course.
10 Min left, time to get serious!
These are pictures from the Colt Starting Challenge held in Granite Falls, WA.   The horse I drew for the
challenge was a pure white (Camarillo) Horse, with two blue eyes named Opal. I did everything I could
to prepare Opal mentally and I couldn't of been more proud of her when we ran the obstacle course. For
a horse with only 3 1/2 hours of training, I felt we where working together as a team.  She never showed
any fear, I never had to get after her to speed up, and she set the brakes to stop every time I asked.  Opal
came out a winner and will make a wonderful horse for anyone lucky enough to owner her.
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