Saddling up the Mules.
Ready for the days work.
Packing bridge materials into the Big
Horn mountains
Drying out all the gear
after a wet cold trip.
How much can a mule carry?
Only what I can lift!
First load heading in.
My horse Leah
Packing in lumber on the
Colorado trail
I sure love my Mules
Taking a break along the trail
Packing on Independents Pass, CO
13,000 feet
At a public event with Smokey
and the Mules
Mules saddled and ready for work.
Saddling up the mules
Heading up to Mt. Evans, CO.
Giving big Jimmy the mule a hug.
Taking a break along the trail.
Loading Leana.  Don't worry, the load looks heavier then they realy are.
My horse Leah
Packing the mules on Independents Pass, CO.
Smoky The Bear, Bruce the Mule, and Eric Neilsen.
Packing lumber in on Colorado Trail.
Working for the Rocky Mountain Regional Pack String was an experience of a lifetime.  
It gave me a wealth of knowledge about the art of packing, mules, and managing stock
in the back country.  With 9 mules and 5 horses we packed in over 600 mule load
of supplies on various projects through out Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska.
Eric Neilsen
Equine Services
Eric Neilsen
Equine Services
Contact: Eric or Yevette
Phone: 425-295-1970
King County, Washington
& surrounding areas.
Eric Neilsen
Equine Services
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